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When you are ready to get hired as oil rig you’re going to need one of two things: previous experience, or the best damn work ethic out there.

That’s why I’ve seen many guys get started in this industry with roustabout jobs. If you have no previous experience you have to be willing to start at the very bottom of the pyramid. Being a roustabout is where you would be then.

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On an oil rig a roustabout provides the common, entry level labor. The trick is you can very well make $40 to $50 grand a year – and that’s just working six months out of the year. So it’s no wonder many people are looking for roustabout jobs on oil rigs.

Do roustabout jobs require any previous experience?

Not really. The drillers and companies know the roustabouts simply don’t have any previous experience and knowledge about how oil drilling goes. That’s fine.

So long as you’re capable of hard work, can take orders, and don’t complain you’ll do fine. Anything that is specific to an oil rig will be taught to you.

Have you ever worked in the construction industry? That would be good plus actually. That shows you are good with your hands, can use tools, and can work with a boss. If you have any experience welding that would be of real plus as well.

The number one thing you need to get hired for roustabout jobs is just simply having the balls to do the hard work. Previous experience offshore is not required.

What will I be doing?

Roustabouts will do just about any physical labor. Sometimes you’ll have to unload crates all day long. Other times will be asked to move around supplies for other people. Maybe you might have to clean up as well.

It really depends though on what the oil rig is doing (drilling, production, etc).

But just like everyone else an oil rig you will be putting in 12 hour days for at least seven days in a row. It can be very tough times. But if you’re really serious about working in this industry, and all you can offer is your labor and now, being a roustabout is the perfect entry level offshore job.

If roustabout jobs are the bottom, what’s better?

The next logical step up from being a roustabout is to get promoted to roughneck. You’ll get a better pay, and you get to work more with the actual drill tools and tongs. Plus if you’re lucky you will get to tell the new roustabouts what to do.

So how do I get started?

Are you ready to make more than the average Joe, get six months off each year, and an amazing benefits package from your company? Then alright – we can help you find roustabout jobs.

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william July 2, 2013 at 8:10 pm

need job 2 get experence


deon termaine may July 3, 2013 at 1:13 pm

ima hard worker and im very interested in giving my all to this company


GREBE KPOLLAUD ACHILLE July 6, 2013 at 11:45 am

Mon nom est GREBE KPOLLAUD ACHILLE ,je suis celibataire avec une fille j’aime le football, je suis à la recherche d’un emploi sur une plate-forme offshore en qualité de roustabout ou de painter . J’ai une expérience que j’ai acquis pendant 2 ans dans une structure petroliere. je vous enverrai mon CV dans les prochains jours
veuillez recevoir monsieur mes salutation distinguées

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