Offshore Jobs In Texas

Offshore jobs in Texas

Offshore jobs in Texas are a good way to earn a living. Why? Because when someone says Texas, everything thinks about one thing: oil.

Texas has always been associated with oil. While many rigs drill and employ thousands of workers inland you cannot forget about the 367 miles of Texas coastline. Laying beyond that is the massive expanse of the Gulf of Mexico.

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It’s here – offshore – where many of the newest and largest oil plays are happening. With the billions of dollars just waiting to be tapped it’s no surprise there is a growing number of offshore jobs. Texas is leading the way for new employment.

The number one place to start looking for an offshore job would be in Houston.

Houston has always been a massive oil town since it is close to the water. Countless Fourtune 500 companies operate there, and there are litteraly hundred of oil and gas employers.

Nearby to Houston is Beaumont and Port Arthur. Both of these towns are situated near the Gulf of Mexico. While not as large or well known as Houston, both employ lots of folks in the oil and gas industry. Many employers have offshore work that needs to be done.

Another good city to start a search for offshore jobs in Texas is Corpus Christi. This town is located near the Southern tip of Texas close to Mexico. For many oil tankers it is an important stop.

The state is very friendly for both inland and offshore jobs. Texas is friendly in general. Since it is very common to work offshore for 2 weeks, then you get 2 weeks off back at home. So just because your company is in Houston, you do not have to live there.

It doesn’t take more than 3 hours to drive from the coast to far inland in Texas. Because of this you can go to the port or helipad when needed to get to work, and then live away from it.

Big Texas Companies That Need Workers ASAP

  • Halliburton
  • Baker Hughes
  • Schlumberger
  • Exxon

Looking for Offshore Jobs in Texas?

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